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September 2018

Harvesting More Beef

Uwharrie Farm Ground BeefWe will be harvesting more of our pasture-raised, grass-finished beef in October. 

It is time to get your order in if you are interested in saving money by buying a half or whole beef. 

This is your opportunity to get steaks for the same price as ground.  Can't handle a half or whole beef?  Maybe you know other people who would like to share the cost and the beef.

Goats for Sale

Savanna cross goats
Savanna cross wethers and buckling

These young goats were born in May 2018.  We have 4 wethers, $125.00 each,

and 1 buckling, $200.00, that are currently for sale.  Sold


Savanna Billy Goat
Billy Goat: 3/4 Savanna, 1/4 Spanish
2 year old Billy - $400.00