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Planting Schedule Review: Sept. - Dec.

Hand shoveled raised bed Applying black plastic to raised bed Chandler Strawberries planted in raised bed

Remember we are in USDA Hardiness Zone 7

I love fresh strawberries from my organic garden in the spring.  September is time to start preparing for these delicious berries.  First I till the area where I want my strawberry bed.  The photo on the left above shows the area and the raised bed I have partially built.  I pull two lines down the length of the area spaced three feet apart to mark the area for my raised bed.  I shovel soil from outside this area onto the bed area to create my raised bed.  When the bed has been built I place two drip water lines on top of the bed about nine inches apart.  In the center photo above black plastic has been pulled across the bed and is being secured by shoveling soil onto the edges.  Chandler Strawberries have been planted in the bed in the photo on the right above.  The first two weeks in October is the ideal time to plant Chandler Strawberries in this area.  They do well when planted in the fall but not so with all strawberries.  The raised bed and black plastic help warm the soil early in the spring which hastens plant growth.

Rye cover crop



Winter cover crops can be planted in October or the first of November.  I usually plant Rye and sometimes Vetch and Austrian Winter Peas.  Cover crops protect the soil and  prevent erosion.  When turned under in the spring they add organic matter to the soil.



Garlic can be planted in November or December.  I have found that this advice concerning garlic works well for me - plant on the shortest day of the year and harvest on the longest day of the year.  Garlic does well in a mulched bed as it does not compete with weeds very well.