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Raisins, Almond Butter, Flax and Agave Syrup in a Convenient Bar

Pastry Roller and Tart Pan  Energy Bar Mix pressed into tart pan  Energy Bars

Raisins - Almond Butter - Agave Syrup - Flax and more in each bar!

     Make your own energy bars.  Why?  Easy - Fun - Delicious - Nutritious - No Food Additives

Energy Bars

Combine and set aside

3 cups puffed whole grain cereal

1 cup pecans

1/2 cup chopped dried fruit (cherries, pineapple, or blueberries, etc.)

Place in sauce pan and bring to boil

1/2 cup chopped pitted dates

1/2 cup ground raisins

1/2 cup peanut butter or almond butter

1/4 cup ground flax seed

1/4 cup honey

1/4 cup agave syrup

Remove from heat and combine with other ingredients.  Press into a 9 x 9 pan (I use a tart pan lined with wax paper, place another piece of wax paper over the mix and roll it out with a pastry roller), allow to cool and cut into bars.