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Today's Food for Thought: Sept. 6, 2009

Homemade Corn Tortillas

Kentucky Butcher dent corn   Kentucky Butcher dent corn   Homemade Corn Tortilla

  Daymon Morgan's Kentucky Butcher dent corn is a new variety for me this year.  I purchased the seed from Southern Exposure Seed Exchange.  It grew more than twice as high as my other corn varieties and produced large multicolored ears as seen in the photos above.  It makes a great cornmeal and delicious corn tortillas.  I have enjoyed watching Alton Brown on Food Network and was inspired by him to make my own corn tortillas. I followed his recipe and it worked very well.  

Aji Dulce Peppers Tortilla Filling:

1 lb. ground beef                        1 Tablespoon chili powder           

1medium onion                           1 teaspoon salt

4 cloves garlic                             2 cups chopped tomatoes    

2 Sweet Banana Peppers              2 cups cooked black beans (drained)

4 Aji Dulce Peppers

Brown ground beef.  Add chopped onion, garlic, and peppers, chili powder and salt.  Simmer until onions are transparent.  Add tomatoes and simmer 20 minutes or until watery juice has evaporated.  Add black beans and warm thoroughly.   Place on corn tortillas and top with grated cheese if desired.

The photo on the left above shows Aji Dulce peppers from my home garden.  Another new variety for me.  This seed also came from Southern Exposure Seed Exchange.  This is a sweet, spicy pepper with just a hint of heat.  It is thin walled, drys very well and can be used for paprika.

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