Today's Food for Thought: 6-27-09
Uwharrie Farm Planting Schedule: July

The Home Garden, July 2, 2009

The Home Garden    First Prize Tomato Plants  
As you can see from the photos above the home garden is doing well.  We have had plenty of rain and unlike most wet seasons there has not been much plant disease.

Strawberry Plants removed from bed   Potatoes have been harvested   Bumble Bee covered in pollen
     As seen in the photo on the left above I have taken the strawberry plants from their bed and replanted with Mississippi Purple Hull Peas and Lima Beans. 
     The center photo above shows the garden area from which potatoes were recently harvested.  This was the first year I planted Adirondack Blue Potatoes.  The yield was great plus they are very tasty and contain more antioxidants than other potatoes.  The Yukon Gold yield was also very good, however, due to heavy rains and rapid growth they have a lot of hollow centers.  I tilled in the leaves that had served as a mulch for the potatoes and replanted this area with my last planting of corn.
     The bumble bee covered in pollen, in the photo on the right above, moves from flower to flower collecting pollen and serving as a pollinator for our plants.  Bumble bees are practically our only pollinators this year.  In the past we normally saw a variety of wasps, honey bees, bumble bees and others pollinating our plants.  I suspect that all the chemicals used in the environment are taking a toll on these small creatures.