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The Home Garden, June 5, 2009

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Remember the May 16 post when I put sweet potatoes in the ground?  Now they have grown nice sweet potato plants for this year's garden.  The photo on the left shows the plants that have grown from the sweet potatoes that were put in the ground.  In the center photo the sweet potato has been taken out of the ground and you can see the roots that have developed on the plants (called slips because you slip them off the sweet potato).  Finally, in the photo on the right the slips have been planted in a garden bed mulched with leaves.  I planted in the morning of a cloudy day with a forecast of 2 cloudy days with rain.  This gives the roots a chance to establish in the soil before the plant is exposed to the hot sunshine.  If no clouds or rain are in the forecast, planting in the late evening and watering well should get your plants off to a good start.   Before mulching a bed for sweet potatoes, allow the soil to warm sufficiently as they need warm soil to grow.

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As you see from the photo on the left the tomatoes are doing well.  I continue to grow corn seedlings to make periodic plantings of corn to extend the harvest.  The photo on the right shows cabbage, potatoes, garlic, tomatoes and corn.  The garlic is ready for harvest, I've harvested a few of the potatoes, spuash and cucumbers while the rest of the garden is coming along well with one exception.  The neck pumpkins that were growing well suddenly died.  Normally I would think the problem was vine borers, however, neck pumpkins have a hard stem that vine borers do not usually enter and I saw no damage.  I removed the plants, planted more neck pumpkin seed in a different place plus made second plantings of cucumbers and watermelon.