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Today's Food for Thought: 4-10-09

The Home Garden, April 9, 2009

DSC_0467    DSC_0475    DSC_0478
     The photo on the left shows an efficient way to plant potatoes in a raised bed.  I placed compost on the soil, put the potatoes in place, then covered the potatoes with leaves that I collected last fall.  In the center photo tomato, canteloupe, watermelon, corn, squash, cucumber and pepper seedlings are content growing under florescent lights until the outside weather warms sufficiently.  The tomato plants in the photo on the right that were planted earlier this year have been transplanted into five gallon pots to get a head start on the tomato season.

DSC_0481                    DSC_0511
Last week, as you can see in the photo on the left, I cut about half of the rye (planted last fall as a winter cover crop) in this garden area with a weedeater.  In the photo on the right this area has been tilled and the rest of the rye cut.  This is the garden area designated for corn this year.  When the danger of frost is past I will plant corn about three different times at approximately 3 week intervals in order to lengthen the corn harvest season.

DSC_0512   DSC_0513   DSC_0455         Lettuce and cabbage plants that were protected during the snow by covers like the one seen on the right are growing well.

DSC_0514  DSC_0516  DSC_0509           Strawberries are blooming, the blackberry plants I planted in early March are putting on new growth, butterflies are fluttering from flower to flower - all signs that gardening season will soon be in full swing.