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Moving from the Fall Garden to the Spring Garden


DSC_0418               DSC_0420     The Seed for these carrots was planted in July, 2008.   When the cold winter weather came the bed was covered with leaves to protect the tops from freezing.   

     Fresh vegetables from the garden are a joy in the summer but I feel even more blessed when I can go to the garden in late winter and get sweet, tender-crisp, sweet, juicy carrots. I still have a crisp head of savoy cabbage from the fall garden in the refrigerator while sweet potatoes, yukon gold potatoes and neck pumpkins are still keeping well in a cool part of our house. 

DSC_0428   DSC_0416   DSC_0417        Neck Pumpkins                          Cabbage and Onion Plants                         Lettuce Plants

     Cabbage, onion and lettuce seeds were planted in January and grown under lights in our house.  When days are warm enough I put them outside in the sunshine.  There are special florescent grow lights you can use as a substitute for sunlight however studies have shown that less expensive white florescent lights work just as well.

DSC_0427      DSC_0419  DSC_0421       Tomato Plants under Lights                       Protective Cover                            Rye Cover Crop

     Tomatoes germinate and grow under florescent lights until we are ready to move them to the greenhouse.  I planted lettuce and cabbage plants under protective cover as seen above.  When temperatures dipped into the teens the lettuce survived however the cabbage did not.  When the weather begins to warm the rye cover crop seen above will rapidly put on new growth.  It has protected the soil through the winter and will soon be tilled into the soil to add nutrients and organic matter.