Judy digging sweet potatoes.
Judy digging sweet potatoes
As a mother, grandmother, gardener and one of five children raised on a family farm, I am rooted in rural traditions and would like to share this rich heritage with you! My husband, Larry, and I raised our children on the family farm, working together and playing together. From 1990 thru 2016 we produced and sold flowers, organic fruits, organic vegetables and baked goods at farmers markets, health food stores and restaurants. Currently we raise grassfed beef, pastured pork, goats, and chickens along with a family garden. So, why FOOD AND FAMILY FIRST? Well, I began with a desire to blog about our life on the family farm. Next my thoughts turned to a name for the blog. What in the world would I name this blog? The Story of Us, Life on the Farm, or what? I asked myself, "what is this farm about? The answer was simple - food and family. That's been my passion all of my adult life. I am convinced that neither you, nor society can be physically, mentally or emotionally healthy without an emphasis on Food and Family. I hope this blog will inspire you and also give you a few good ideas!